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Beauty Salon Estetika

Place of beaty and relaxation

Place with long tradition

Our beauty Salon is open for a number of years; Our portfolio offers you a line of services and treatmens for face and body care. The service is completely individual and adjusted to needs of our clients. With various combinations of beauty and relaxation treatments and different massage techniques we will please Your relaxation and beauty demands.

Services for Your Satisfaction

Thank You for visiting our web pages. Today's way of living brings a lot of stress and nervousness into our lives, as a direct cause of fast, dynamic and stressfull lifestyle. Our body suffers, and with it ourselves, and we must ask ourselves sometimes how many time we invest in our wellbeing. Methods we are practicing in our saloon will free You at least of some worries, and will rich Your quality of life. Find your individual therapy and leave worries and tensions outside.

Treatments for all needs

Our tratments are for those who wish best fot themselves and for others. Give Yourself, Your friends, Your bussiness partners, a gift of nice spa treatment, order a massage for a birthday gift or for some other occasion, live the unforgettable experience of relaxation and harmony and also harmonize Your body and mind.

Our Portolio Recommendations

Specialist treatments for every occasion

Anti-Age i OxyGeneo+ treatments

  • Unique treatments for rejuvenating Your skin
  • Remove wrinkles and refresh skin tone
  • Regeneration and intensive skin care
  • Unique high efficiency treatment
  • Unique on market

GENEO+ treatments

LPG treatments

  • Innovative approach to massage
  • Specialist lymphatic massage
  • High efficiency of treatment
  • The results are visible after just a few treatments
  • Quick resolution of problematic body parts

LPG treatments offer

Beauty tratment Dr. MURAD

Dr. MURAD cosmetic line for Your satisfaction

DR. Murad cosmetic line

Dr. Murad Howard personal beauty philosophy

“Murad’s transforming skincare products are at the heart of a comprehensive approach to wellness that Dr. Murad calls Inclusive Health. This clinically tested, integrated system optimizes the wealth of the body’s entire cellular population through topical care, internal care and emotional self–care. People who live the Inclusive Health lifestyle are easy to spot because they radiate beauty and confidence in a way that sets them apart—that’s the Murad Glow! How does it work? Together with results-focused skincare, internal supplements and a positive emotional outlook, this inclusive Health approach to living dramatically improves the health of the skin and every connected cell in your body. (Remember, your skin is your largest organ!).”



  • Dr. MURAD Anti-Aging cosmetic products line
  • 100% safe for all skin types
  • World renowed line of skin care products
  •  Safety for everyday dangers of unhealthy enviroment
  • Longtime brand of choice of our saloon

People behind name

Long-time practice confirmed through customer satisfaction
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Jadranka Kalajdžić

A professional therapist with many years of experience and continuous training .