Aromatherapy means therapy with the use of essential oils, which proved to have beneficial effects on health, reducing stress and anxiety,  preventing infections and relieving various symptoms. Aromatherapy returns shaken emotional balance to normal and stimulate the psyche, improves memory, and the extremely beneficial effects of oil itself  effects on the skin and body through the improvement of circulatory and lymphatic systems. It frees your senses, and scented and energy massage will take youaway  from restless everyday life, daily stress and fatigue, diving you into a state of well-being and happiness.

Aromatherapy massages

In our salon we have variations of different aromatherapy massages, which each have their purpose:


Aroma that is released tone your body,  revitalizes and stimulates your senses. The fragrances of basil, orange, lemon, mandarin, anise and oregano are immersed in jojoba oil will improve the tone of your body and enhance the effect of massage.


This massage relaxes the muscles and relieves the body, calms and strengthens the senses. It consists of exfoliation, cleansing and massage. The main ingredients are aromas of cinnamon, tangerine, lemon, cumin, eucalyptus, sandalwood and ginger, in conjunction with jojoba oil.


Indian massage detox and relaxes the body and raises your senses. Lavender, sandalwood oil, extract of black pepper, and nutmeg incenses are the key ingredients of aromatic oils used by the massage.


Scents of flavor balance will energize body and reduce skin irritation, and also improve your mood and relaxation. Oriental combination make concept of Yian-yiang philospfy implemented with oils and extracts of mimosa, jasmine and vanilla, and massage based on Tui-Na method allows the proper flow of energy through the body.

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