SEA WEED THERAPY is a therapeutic metod that uses 2 types of sea algae: LAMINARIES and SEA OAK ALGAE. Because of its power to drain the body fluid while eliminating most toxic ingredients accumulated in the skin and subdermal tissue, algae literally drain localized cushioned clusters, and because of the high content of iodine and many other sea minerals they dissolve cellulite and fat. Method of application is similar to treatment with mud. In order to increase the penetration of active substances,  after application of algae the body is wrapped in foil and thermal blanket, and heated to a certain temperature. Due to the increased circulation, active substances better penetrate the skin, and with increased many toxins are releases  through the skin  from the body.

Our saloon offers two types of this therapeutic methods:


Sea algae therapy – Body  –  250 Kn

Sea algae therapy – Feet – 130 Kn

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